Quality means more to us than just providing a perfect product. We strive to advise and support you as well as we can. We engage in product selection and invention of the right arrangement for your system. Furthermore, we can be of service commissioning and integrating your system. You may also contact us for maintenance, maintenance reports or support with technical failures. With over 15 years of experience Sonexus is the right company for both the technical control and the implementation of your project.


At the very beginning it is crucial to choose the right hardware for your project. That is why we like to contribute ideas from the start. We look at your question critically and assist you in composing an appropiate system. We keep track of the best, most practical and cheapest solutions for your situation. This way we avoid unnecessary costs and prevent your project from being needlessly time-consuming.


With Sonexus, commissioning is not necessarily project-based. It is possible to bring in our expertise for commissioning systems which have already been installed by a third party. We strive to configure your system in such a way that it meets your personal demands. In the end, a correctly commissioned system will be more reliable and less prone to technical failures.


Sonexus provides various security systems (e.g. burglary protection, camera surveillance and access control) but also communication systems and other automated systems. By intelligently connecting these systems they function at their best. That is what we are good at. We present total solutions with integrated systems that are clearly readable and easy to monitor. As an additional benefit, our customers only need one contact for all their systems.


Technical failure in any of your systems may cause unsafe situations but also may endanger your business processes. Correct management and maintenance prevent technical failures as much as possible and thereby secure the safety and continuity in your company. Sonexus employs competent specialists to manage and maintain your systems. If desired, we wholly or partially take on the responsibility for your systems with an inspection or maintenance contract.


Our support service is available 24 hours a day to resolve any technical failures as quickly as possible. When you contact us, our technician will inventorise the failure in consultation with you. Next, your problem is analysed and, if possible, solved right away. We strive to minimise the interruption duration to secure the continuity of your business processes, thus preventing unsafe situations and financial losses. We keep track of our activities from your first call until your problem is solved. This way Sonexus is clear and transparent in its actions.

Use our support service?
Business customers with a support contract can reach us day and night on 010-3070158. For customers without a contract it is possible to leave a message. We will then contact you as soon as possible during business hours.


A maintenance report provides information about the expected short and long term costs for managing and maintaining your systems. Primarily, we inspect your security systems to establish the state and condition of the equipment. This way it becomes clear when certain parts need to be revised, updated or replaced. Subsequently, we develop a maintenance plan and a corresponding budget estimate. Thus you get a clear conspectus of the state of your sytem and its expected expenses.


Sonexus enables her customers to learn more about our products and systems. We provide brief technical and sales courses considering all products in our range, as well as more elaborate education. Naturally we ensure that our courses are up-to-date. The possibilities vary from basic training on a specific product to advanced user training and technical education on a wide range of subjects.

Would you like to know more about our services? Contact one of our specialists.