Specialised in complex (security) systems

Sonexus designs, installs and controls systems. These are mainly security systems but we also work with communication systems and other automated systems. Our strength lies in connecting different systems in order to make them operate smarter. An overview of our specialties is given below.


Intercom systems play an important role in the security of buildings or grounds. These systems establish an audio and/or video connection which enables remote communication. Besides, doors and gates are easily opened from a distance by an intercom. Outside of office hours or on distant locations, intercom systems can be connected to a main control room or mobile phone.

We supply intercom systems for several working areas, even for high security objects. Our intercom systems are easily combined with other systems, such as access control or CCTV systems.


A camera security system is also called Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV).
The most important appliance of a CCTV system is the surveillance and monitoring of buildings or grounds. Often, just the presence of cameras has a preventive effect on crime. CCTV systems are also used for controlling alarm notifications and for verifying identities in the context of access control. Currently, there are more and more intelligent applications like facial or number plate recognition.

We supply cameras for all sorts of buildings or grounds, for day or night, showing broad overview or detailed images. Our CCTV camera systems guarantee optimal visual control.


Everyday, access control systems become smarter and therefore easier to use. It is possible to remotely control an access control system, one system may be controlled by several different people and today, the necessary server can also be installed in the cloud.

We are experienced in the application of intelligent access control systems in straightforward as well as in complex situations.


We value technological knowledge and innovation. Consequently, custom-made software is one of our specialties. We develop reliable applications, which are perfectly fit to your personal requirements. Together we strive for the best software solution for your company.

Interested in custom-made software? Contact us and be surprised by the numerous possibilities.

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