Working Areas


Sonexus is experienced in the commissioning and integration of complex security systems in prisons, parking garages, hospitals, office and company buildings, public buildings, schools, ports, logistic companies and industrial and factory buildings. Sonexus lightens your load with extensive knowledge of precisely these working areas and their associated business processes.


In detention centres a reliably operating communication and security system is of the utmost importance. An additional requirement for communication systems in these centres is the option to monitor and document voice and video data. Sonexus supplies communication and security systems which are specially developed for application in prisons and detention centres. Our systems provide extra security in areas under surveillance. Communication can be monitored in excellent image and sound quality and can be recorded if necessary. An excellent security system protects inmates as well as prison staff.

  • Vandal resistant detention cell stations
  • Multi-functional detention cell terminals with telephony and in-cell music channels (with deprivation facility)
  • Intercom stations with integrated video camera for doors and gates
  • Remote cell door locking and officer-in-cell duress alarms
  • Mobile radio detection
  • Communication systems for visiting rooms
  • CCTV camera systems
  • Public address and emergency voice announcements
  • Evidential recording and documenting
  • Clear user interface for control rooms including integration of inmates database

In order to function properly and efficiently, communication between parking customers and management in parking garages is necessary. Sonexus has considerable experience with communication systems and CCTV camera systems in car parking facilities.

  • Audio/video intercom stations for vehicle entry and exit
  • Audio/video intercom stations for ticket machines
  • Emergency call stations for lifts, stairways and parking levels
  • Monitoring and control of external systems, e.g. carbon monoxide alarm, ventilation and lighting
  • Public address, background music, promotional and information announcements
  • Statistical analyses, e.g. time distribution of calls (for optimal staff planning)
  • Recording of audio/video calls received at the control desk
  • Multi-site networking with individual call forwarding
  • Mobile phone connection

In the medical sector every second can be critical, especially in emergency rooms and operating theatres. That is why communication systems in hospitals and clinics should be rapid and reliable. Sonexus provides systems that meet the strict requirements and regulations of the medical sector. These are not only communication systems for direct multi-site communication across facility complexes, but also security systems. Think, for example, of door access control for certain wards, lift intercom stations, public address systems or CCTV camera systems.

  • Disinfectant resistant intercom stations for treatment rooms and operating theatres, compliant with International Standard IEC-60601
  • Access control at security areas such as intensive care units, maternity wards and nurseries
  • Internal operational and ward communication combined with nurse call systems
  • Audio Monitoring – Acoustic monitoring with adjustable automatic call triggering (e.g. voice activated calls or automated alarms triggered by medical equipment)
  • Public address and emergency voice announcements
  • Alarms for medical emergencies
  • CCTV camera systems for observation and security
  • Special intercom stations for mobility, sight or hearing impaired people

Offices and company buildings must provide a safe workplace, not just in everyday life, but especially in emergencies. Modern office buildings have to meet the various requirements of their continually changing users. Therefore, security routes within the building need to be convertible, even daily if necessary. Sonexus provides reliable communication and security systems that are easily comprehensible and operable.

  • Intercom stations with camera and access control capabilities for doors, gates and barriers
  • Integrated audio, video and access control functions
  • License plate recognition with car park access
  • Public address and emergency voice announcements
  • Lift intercom stations
  • Clean, well-organised user interfaces for security control rooms
  • Integration of intercoms and telephones

There is an increasing demand for security systems in public buildings, such as government buildings, police stations, firehouses and military barracks. Sonexus provides security products and systems to protect public buildings and adjacent areas, in both everyday life and emergencies.

  • Intercom stations with access control capabilities for doors, gates and barriers
  • Audio Monitoring – Acoustic monitoring with adjustable automatic call triggering
  • Silent alarms
  • CCTV camera systems
  • Video analysis
  • Control of evacuation procedures

Regrettably, the need for security systems at schools has grown. Nowadays school boards have to take measures to protect students, staff and their possessions. Sonexus provides products and systems to make schools safe again, under everyday conditions as well as in an emergency.

  • Public address and announcements
  • Intercom stations for classrooms, hallways and offices
  • Silent alarms
  • Audio monitoring
  • Automated intruder detection
  • Control of evacuation procedures
  • Intercom stations with access control capabilities for doors, gates and barriers

Major ports must process huge amounts of containers day after day. Multiple teams act under pressure of time when yet another freighter moors. For their operations to run smoothly, all activities have to be well coördinated. Sonexus provides CCTV camera systems and communication systems that measure up to the safety standards of large seaports. The systems we use have already proven themselves fit for application in ports and around waterways where automated and communication systems need to be perfectly integrated.

  • Intercom stations, CCTV camera systems and access control at entry roads and harbour districts
  • Intercom stations for cranes
  • Robust intercoms for different environmental conditions (sea water, dirt, extreme and changeable temperatures)
  • Integration of mobile radio, entry controls and alarm systems
  • Optimum audibility of voice connections, even in case of high ambient noise levels
  • Individual networking concepts for extensive harbour areas
  • Main control rooms for a perfect overview and full control

Logistic companies often have valuable goods stored in their warehouses or at their grounds. Sonexus provides security systems to maintain total control of these goods and to secure business sites. Frequently it is possible to achieve maximal control with only a minimal amount of hardware. We may also assist in streamlining the flow of incoming and outgoing goods with specific solutions that support and simplify your business processes.

  • Intercom stations with camera and access control capabilities for doors, gates and barriers
  • License plate recognition at entry and exit of the premises
  • Public address and announcements

Security and communication systems in industrial buildings and factories have to meet high standards. Sonexus guarantees high availability of your systems by installing the central equipment fully redundant. The safety of employees is enhanced as communication systems function perfectly and thereby make it easier to reach workmen from the control room.

  • Industrial intercom stations with integrated camera and access control
  • Intercom stations with conference call function
  • Certified intercom stations and cameras for explosion-prone areas
  • Public address system
  • High-end sound and images even in difficult environmental conditions
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